What Others Say


Diane is a delight to work with and I know the contractor enjoyed working with her also.  She has a lot of great suggestions and if she said she would take care of something, it was taken care of.  When the house was finished and fully decorated, the architect came to see the finished project and said that she exceeded his expectations.  He was actually speechless!

Jodi Dickerson

First and foremost, is her professionalism and handling of every project with meticulous attention to detail.  She assesses her clients’ needs quickly and accurately so avoiding the common pitfall of imposing her tastes over that of her clients.    On a personal level, Diane has a wonderful personality which makes you comfortable immediately yet provides confidence.

Patricia Curtis

Diane took what was an overwhelming process of decorating a business office on a limited budget from me and made it her burden, not mine.  She was so respectful of my style and desires, yet confident in her suggestions.  I was very impressed with her quality of work and eye for detail.

Amy Ayoub

Diane’s creativity and expertise have been outstanding.  She has been timely and forthright in her representation of us.  The quality of her work is unequaled and we would recommend her to anyone for interior decorating, either residential or commercial. Our client was extremely satisfied with Diane’s ability to express “their” vision of comfort and great taste.

Eric Schweitzer, Builder

Diane gets five stars from me.  It did not take Diane long to grasp my style and preferences.  Everything came together beautifully.

Joan B

Diane has never pushed me to accept designs or styles that I am not comfortable with, though I have learned to peek out of my box a bit as I have seen the results of what she puts together, and it is wonderful.


Diane is a pleasure to work with and continues to fulfill our expectations and compliments our ideas with her vision, beautifully.

Darlene and John Ensign